Kruuse Buster Tablet Introducer Soft Tip (Pill Gun)

* With proper finger bars, transparent barrel of the right length with reinforced tablet holder, piston with plunger. Fast and easy way of administering tablets to cats and dogs.

  • The BUSTER Tablet Introducer with a soft rubber tip, makes it easier to administer the pill without causing damage to the mouth. Supplied in a smart display with 10 units.
  • Application:
    BUSTER tablet introducer is intended for use in a treatment period of max. 10-15 treatments in the same number of days (10-15 days). After that, the BUSTER tablet introducer must be discarded.
  • Cleaning:
    The tablet introducer must only be rinsed in tepid water.
    Avoid using any disinfectant detergent / detergent or hot/boiling water.

Ingredients & Nutrition

No content.

Feeding Instructions

* Draw clean drinking water into the

  tablet introducer.

* Place the tablet at the end of the

  introducer and open the animal’s mouth.

* Insert the tablet introducer so that

  the tablet touches the back of the tongue.

* Push the piston in order to release the water

  and the tablet.

* The animal will automatically swallow the


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