Canina Cat-Coat (FELL) O.K. Tablets 50g (100 Tablets)


– For skin and hair problems caused by insufficient biotin supply
– For shiny coat, healthy skin and claws and optimal pigmentation
– Tasty milk yeast as carrier substance, therefore high acceptance even by spoilt cats
– For all breeds, colours and ages

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  • Cat Coat OK versatile additive for cats of all breeds and ages to guarantee the satisfaction of the daily need of the organism in biotinCat Fell DC cat contains active biotin (vitamin H).
  • Biotin as a coenzyme takes an involved in the synthesis of keratin – the main protein of the skin matrix and its derivatives (hair, claws, whiskers).
  • Receipt of biotin in the diet ensures a healthy and shiny hair, healthy skin, natural colorful pigmentation of hair, nose and paws.
  • The need for biotin increases during prolonged treatment with antibiotics that kill intestinal microflora producing biotin

Ingredients & Nutrition



Ingredients: Yeast, starch

Additives per kg: 100.000mcg biotin



Feeding Instructions

Feeding recommendation per cat and day:

  • 4-6 tablets over 8 weeks.
  • If problems have already occurred, the dosage should be doubled for 4 weeks.

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