Canina Cat vitamin Tablets 50g (100 Tablets)


  •  The tasty and healthy supply of vitamins.
  •  For all breeds, colours and ages.

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  • Canina Cat-vitamin tablets are used to prevent deficiency symptoms and to compensate for nutritional deficits.
  • They provide resilience and power after diseases and during pregnancy and lactation of the mother cat.
  • Pleasant tasting yeast is used as a carrier for high taste acceptance. Canina Cat-vitamin tablets are especially important in mainly tinned feeding.
  • Vitamin complex, designed especially for cats. 
  • It fills nutrient deficiency in the body and eliminates cat arising from these symptoms. 
  • Canina (Kanin) CAT-VITAMIN Tabs – vitamin complex for cats strengthens the immune system and promotes speedy recovery from illness. 
  • It is recommended for pregnant and nursing cats. 
  • Cat-Vitamin – palatable vitamin pills, which provide full-fledged growth and excellent physical condition of the animal. Vitamins for cats Cat-Vitamin Tabs are indispensable for the natural type of feed for young animals.

Ingredients & Nutrition



Ingredients: Milk yeast, vitamin complex.



Feeding Instructions

Feeding recommendation per cat and day:

  • 4-6 tablets over 8 weeks.

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