Drontal® Effective worming tablets for cats.


Highly effective against all types of intestinal worm commonly found in cats, Drontal Cat and Drontal Cat XL tablets can be given with or without food and work quickly to combat worms in your cat.

Your cat might have worms without you even knowing about it. The two main types of intestinal worm affecting  cats are roundworm and tapeworm and symptoms aren’t always easy to spot. Intestinal worms can easily be picked up by your cat e.g. from eating microscopic worm eggs from the environment, from hunting or from swallowing infected fleas when grooming. Kittens can even pick roundworms up from their mum when they suckle her milk

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  • Easy to administer
  • Suitable for use in kittens and adult cats
  • Effective after a single treatment
  • Fast and effective
  • How does Drontal® work?
    Cats can pick up intestinal worms by ingesting worm eggs from their environment, from hunting, or even from swallowing fleas. Kittens can contract worms from their mother when suckling milk.
    Worms breed and thrive inside your cat, sometimes causing diarrhoea and vomiting, but sometimes causing no outward signs.
    Drontal kills intestinal worms quickly and effectively, helping to keep your cat happy and healthy.
    Treat your cat with Drontal every 3 months to help him combat intestinal worms

Ingredients & Nutrition


praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel


Feeding Instructions

1 tablet per 4kg bodyweight
< 2 kg cat: 1/2 a Drontal Cat Tablet
2-4 kg cat: 1 Drontal Cat Tablet
4-6 kg cat: 1 and 1/2 Drontal Cat Tablets
(or 1 Drontal® Cat XL Tablet)
6-8 kg cat: 2 Drontal Cat tablets

Treat your cat with Drontal every 3 months to help him combat intestinal worms.

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