Frontline Spot On Dog Large 20kg-40kg



Fleas and kills ticks before sucks blood. Its application is fast, easy, convenient, and biztosnságos.
 The active ingredient fipronil
However harmless neurotoxin against specific parasite in dogs and cats as well as humans; under the skin, the
sebaceous glands stored and continuously into the hairs and the skin surface. 1 month against ticks, fleas two months
provide protection

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Ingredients & Nutrition


Composition (per 100 ml):

Fipronil 10 g Butilhidroxianizol 0.02 g Butylhydroxytoluene 0.01 g carrier, qs 100 ml.

Against fleas and ticks, and Trichodectes canis, Heterodoxus spiniger, Linognathus setosus (aphids) Cheyletiella species (predatory
mites) Otrodectes cynotis (mange mite), and the control of flea allergy dermatitis against it. Fipronil is effective in Lyme disease
ecto, the Ixodes ricinus against.

Method of Application:
Externally, the so-called local area of ​​skin of the animal. spot on application.

A general dose of fipronil from 7.5 to 15 mg / kg.


Feeding Instructions

Application Instructions:
A single treatment with a pipette from the package and break off the cap throughout. To avoid the shoulder blades by lenyalását
Part the hair is pulled in until the skin is visible. Place the pipette on the skin and spray out several times that the content directly to the
skin flushing out. To avoid excessive wetting of the hair, as this is the site for the coat ragacsosodását cause. If the ragacsosodás
nevertheless emerge, it disappears within 24 hours after treatment. Let it dry naturally in the hair. The product spread on the dog
the coat within 24 hours. Do not bathe the animals before and 48 hours after treatment. Hereinafter, the aqueous solution is not
significantly affect the duration of protection. However, the shampooing may reduce the duration of protection. Do not forget the
Dogs residence and located the place of regular cleaning.

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