formulated for sterilized adult cats


Monello Cat sterilized is a special premium food developed to meet the needs of neutered adult cats. The castration of the feline contributes for lower activity of the animal, increasing the risk of being overweight.

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  • Monello Cat sterilized contains Cartinine, besides control over the energy offered for healthy maintenance of the weight of felines.
  • Free from artificial colorings and flavorings, the food is also added by Taurine, which works in the health of eye and heart, and special care for prevention of urinary calculus.

Ingredients & Nutrition



  • Crude Protein (mín.)34%
  • Crude Fat (mín.)8.5%
  • Crude Fiber (máx.)4.5%
  • Ash (máx.)8.5%
  • Calcium (mín./máx.)(0,8% - 1,6%)
  • Phosphorus (mín./máx.)(0,8% - 1,6%)
  • Sodium (mín.)0.25%
  • Magnésium (mín./máx.)(0,07% - 0,1%)
  • Potassium (mín.)5000mg/kg
  • Ômega 3 (mín.)0.2%
  • Ômega 6 (mín.)1%
  • Saponin (mín.)10mg/kg
  • Taurine (mín.)10mg/kg
  • Methionine (mín.)6200mg/kg
  • Carnitine (mín.)200mg/kg
  • Choline (mín.)2000mg/kg
  • Vitamin E (mín.)200UI/kg
  • Vitamin C (mín.)Vitamin C (mín.)
  • Zinc (mín.)130mg/kg
  • Selenium (mín.)0.3mg/kg
  • Moisture (máx.)10%
  • Metabolizable Energy3500kcal/kg

Feeding Instructions

Many people believe that neutering makes cats fat. This is not the case, but neutered cats do need fewer calories. Therefore, after your cat is neutered, reduce their food intake by about a quarter, until you see what effect neutering has had. If your cat begins to lose weight, you can gradually increase the meal size again

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Additional Information


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