Sanicat Clumping Duo Cat Litter 10L

with mandarin and vanilla


Sanicat Duo Professional Clumping is everything you need and expect from a cat litter.An extra strong clumping power, this cat litter traps liquids in clumps, making it easier to collect dirty litter with a litter scoop. It also has maximum odor binding and is virtually dust-free. Best of all it comes in a scent of vanilla and mandarin, leaving your kitty litter smelling lovely.

Its thicker granules also prevent cats from dragging the litter outside the litter box.

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  • Sanicat Clumping Duo Cat Litter is made from white bentonite, a fine, natural product made from clay. It forms quick, solid clumps and can absorb a great deal of moisture. Thanks to this ability, Sanicat Clumping Duo Cat Litter captures unpleasant odours, replacing it instead with a pleasant vanilla and mandarin scent. The ultra-white bentonite offers properties that can help to keep your cat’s litter tray clean and fresh for longer. It is the ideal choice for cat owners looking for maximum efficiency, without missing out on that something extra!
    The grains of this Sanicat Clumping Duo Cat Litter are particularly fine and soft, making them ideal for cats with sensitive paws. It is the perfect combination of clumping strength and odour binding!
  • Cat litter with high productivity and absorbency
  • 100% natural: made from natural, ultra-white bentonite
  • High absorbency: quickly captures odours and bacteria
  • With subtle vanilla and mandarin scent: optimum odour control
  • A clean solution: does not stick to paws
  • Fine grains: pleasant on cats’ paws

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