Sanicat Rose d’Oriente 5L clumping cat litter


Maximum whiteness with the best clumping.

Ultra white bentonite provides excellent clumping properties that make Rose d’Oriente one of the most efficient cat litters on the market.

Its pleasant scent of roses also provides effective odour control.

100% natural: Made from natural betonite

Excellent clumping power

Effective in absorbing nasty odor’s and liquid

Can absorb up to 250% of its own weight

Forms solid, flat clumps which do not stick or fall apart

Kind to paws

Plastic sack with grip


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  • clumping cat litter is highly effective and has great clumping power. It is made from 100% pure bentonite, a natural substance which binds nasty odours and is very economical.
  • The litter can absorb up to 250% of its own weight and has a delicate, oriental rose fragrance. It forms small, flat clumps which are solid and easy to remove from the, clean litter. The dirty clumps not fall to pieces when removed and they do not stick to the base of the cat tray, which makes it much easier to keep the cat litter box clean.
  • Sanicat Rose D’oriente cat litter is a natural product and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals which could irritate your cat’s paws. It comes in a convenient plastic sack with handy grip

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Additional Information

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5L , 10L , 20L

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