Sanicat Superplus Nonclumping 20L with lavander and orange scent


The natural mineral sepiolite is used to make this Sanicat Superplus, an ultra-absorbent and non-clumping cat litter. It reliably holds onto fluids and unpleasant odours, offering instead a pleasant scent for your household so that you will forget the litter tray is even there.

The improved formula in this Sanicat Superplus provides even more effective absorbency in a natural way, promoting reliable hygiene. This cat litter also gives off the delightful smell of lavender and orange. It is efficient and easy to use, without the need for daily removal of clumps. You can remove any waste from the litter tray as you wish, but the Sanicat Superplus cat litter itself should only changing once every 7 days.

Available size : Sanicat Superplus Nonclumping with lavander and orange scent 10 L

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  • Natural, non-clumping cat litter
  • Highly absorbent: made from 100% sepiolite, a natural mineral known to be extremely absorbent and effective in keeping unpleasant odours contained
  • With 2 natural scents: enriched with orange and lavender scents, for double the freshness
  • Long-lasting odour control: an improved formula that offers extended protection against unpleasant smells, as well as effective hygiene
  • Easy to use: without the need for removing clumps
  • 100% natural product that is kind on little paws

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Additional Information

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10L , 20L

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