Stefanplast puppy training set


Training toilette for puppies provided with anti-slip feet and turret.

Puppy Training Set is the training toilet for puppies. Completely washable, handy and equipped with an excellent fixing system for absorbent pads (which are not included). The anti-slip feet make the product stable and the provided turret is suitable for easing male puppies to do their business. The product is particularly fit for old dogs or convalescing ones.

cm 60x40x115h

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  • TOILETTE for dogs &  PUPPY TRAINING (approx. 60 CM x 40 CM) we in the presence of a good quality, comfortable and functional, which should not be missed If in Our House You have the fortuna to have a baby is Dog gatto. it or which are essential for Puppies still be the domesticated “
  • The Puppies they have become accustomed to easily which in certain locations they are authorised a” resolution “especially young dogs” shall “constantly, for example, After played, Sleeping and mangiare. is an important tool for TRAINING in breach of domicile
  • When the lawn is too far away, long flights of stairs must be taken, or at night when it has to be quick – save your floors and carpets from unsightly stains with Puppy.
  • For puppies and kittens which still have to be house-trained. Puppies easily become used to certain places where they are permitted to “do their business”. Little puppies, especially, have to “go” all the time, for example, after playing, sleeping or eating. It is an important tool for training your pet against breaking house rules. This indoor toilet is particularly useful for: senior dogs – dogs that are convalescing (for example, after surgery, illness…). 

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